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 Winchester, Virgina 1/2 Acre Shawneeland Lot Near Lakes!!!

"Fixer-Upper" Burns Hotel, PA


LandSweetLand  is proud to offer the latest land acquisition in the USA and make it available for potential investors. Please check Land/area of interest and do your own Due Diligence in research and analysis prior to commit yourself to the purchase. We have provided some helpful links to these properties to help out but should not be the only source for research. We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding any of these properties to the best of our knowledge. Please see below on how you can become one of the proud owners of any of these properties and keep checking the web site for any further inventory updates.

Featured Properties

Pershing,40.47 Acres,  Nevada Lot1

Pershing,40.06 Acres,  Nevada Lot5

  • 40 plus Acres
  • 90 Miles away from Reno, Nevada
  • Lovelock

Citrus Springs, FL

  • Disney, here I come
  • A lot of attractions

Apple Valley, Columbus, Ohio

  • Beautiful Resort
  • Golf
  • Central Ohio
  • Beautiful Houses
  • Monthly HOA Magazine

Burns Hotel, Reynoldsville, PA

  • Fixer-Upper
  • 20 Rooms
  • Bar-Restaurant
  • On a major route
  • Investor dream

Detroit, Michigan

  • City Lot w/Utilities
  • 3.5 miles away from "WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY"
  • approx 1.0 miles away from  both "Detroit Golf Club and the Daimler-Chrysler General Offices Facility"

Ozark, AR

  • 1/4 acre in Beautiful Ozark Acres, Arkansas
  • ZONING: Residential
  • Beach and Golf

TwinLakes, Wilcox-Arizona
Lot7- 3514

  • ZONING: Residential
  • Twin Lakes Country Club, Unit 7, Lot 3514

TwinLakes, Wilcox-Arizona
Lot7- 3513

  • ZONING: Residential
  • Twin Lakes Country Club, Unit 7, Lot 3513

Bryce Resort, Virginia

  • About 80 Miles away from Washington, DC
  • Beautiful Shenandoah Valley
  • Skiing, Golf, Camping

California City, California.

Let the links speak for themselves...

Did you know?

Prudent investors regard ownership of Real Estate (Land) a fundamental segment of their well-balanced financial portfolio.


BECAUSE land remains the one and only enduring asset during times of crisis, warfare, inflation, low interest rates and unpredictable stock markets.

We have seen Land value sky rocketed in the Washington Metropolitan area for the last five years or so. You can hardly find a 1/4 acre of land in Fairfax, Virginia for less than 100K in value. Imagine, how much a 40 acres land would worth just outside of Reno, Nevada...!!!! We have prices that fits your Investment portfolio and we give you a chance to Diversify it. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and depend heavily on the Stock Market. Diversifying your investment portfolio is the right thing to do.  A land ownership will never be judged by financial analysts trying to make a big buck on our behalf. Here is your chance to take advantage of a realistic, touchable investment. Land will always be there, the price of land, however will always rise. Be a star and own a property. Most of  the land offered will not have any time restriction to build on them as indicated in each description. So you can buy it and forget about it, if your heart desires.

Pershing,40.47Acres Lot1


Pershing,40.06Acres Lot5

Citrus Springs,



Apple Valley



Bryce Resort









California City











Method of Purchase:

The method of the sale will be based on a silent auction method, where potential investors will send their bid price in either via e-mail, or regular postal services. Either way communicated, Land Sweet Land will follow up with a validation and confirmation process with the submitter.

Each property will have a minimum price required and it is up to LandSweetLand to accept, refuse, negotiate and or reject the bid price. The bidder will be notified via their choice of communication regarding the status of the property in question .

Land Sweet Land has the right to extend the auction, remove a property from the list and refuse any offer that deemed to be unreasonable.

Land Sweet Land offers owner financing for any of the properties listed, based on prior agreement with the buyer.   

Land Sweet Land reserve the rights to change the price at any given time without prior notification. All information provided  in this web site is not intended to solicit or enforce an agenda or a product and was provided for informational purposes only. The validity of this information is to the best of our knowledge and is not guaranteed or warranted either expressed or implied.

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